Patron dispenser

Patron Dispenser
Patron Advantage
Patron Advantage

The applications for cannabis distillates are literally endless. The use of distillates in skin care, edibles, sublingually, and through vaporizing makes them among the most diverse and versatile products in the cannabis market.

What has held back the use of cannabis oils is traditional methods for storage and dispensing of oils in syringes is messy and burdensome.

Viridesco has invested in proprietary technology to solve the dilemmas oil and distillate users face. The Patron Dispenser, invented by Luca Fier in Slovenia is that technology.

The Patron allows users say goodbye to mess and cumbersome extract storage permanently. One of the world’s first dispensing devises custom designed for cannabis extracts, the Patron enables oils to be used cleanly, descretly, and with no mess or hassle.

All Viridesco Oils come prepacked in a Patron dispenser.

  • Precise Dosing with up to 0.01 mL accuracy
  • Special nozzle for precise application
  • Twisting dispenser top eliminates oil spillage
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