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60 Day Program

The 60-day Program is an interpretation of the ‘Rick Simpson Protocol’. The Rick Simpson Protocol calls for the user to build tolerance gradually until reaching the ability to consume 1mL of pure cannabinoid oil per day. The Viridesco 60-day Program builds up tolerance towards the goal of full strength in two months.
By following the 60-day Program design, the client will have reached 90% potency by the 60th day and could be ready to consume 1mL of full strength oil.
There are two ingredients used to create this program:
- the finest lab-tested cannabinoid resins
- organic and unrefined, cold pressed, hemp-seed oil

Size: 2mLx11+5mLx7 Category: oils SubCategory: P-Program Kits

These kits use eighteen unique batches of differing strengths, so that the new user can dispense the same amount of product each day, with the confidence that they are continuing to build up to tolerance. No matter what stage you are at in ‘The Program’, a full daily dose is equivalent to nearly seven complete turns of the twisting devise.
Without the Viridesco Program anyone following ‘The Protocol’ needs to calculate daily cannabinoid increases using either complex math or vague guesswork. We feel that guesswork is not a great option for patients, which is why Viridesco has created the program kits.
If there are any questions or concerns regarding this information, please contact the store or sales associate where the product was purchased. Consume these products responsibly. For additional information on the benefits of consuming cannabinoids, there are many resources that can be researched online.